In a classroom setting we study and learn about missions, evangelism, Bible doctrine, Bible prophecies, and Christian character.

Children’s Ministry
Children learn about our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ, Old and New Testament characters, Christian songs, how to pray and crafts.

Morning Worship
Begins with our welcome, inspirational reading, singing of hymns, announcements, prayer requests and a message.

Study Groups

  • Men’s study group – Band of Brothers – meets first Saturday of every other month
  • Women’s study group – Sisters in Christ – meets first Saturday of every other month
  • Adult study group – Life Builders – meets every third Saturday of the month
  • Community study group – Foundation Builders – meets every other month

Outreach Ministries

Christian Counseling

Life Coaching
Marriage and Family
Addiction and Recovery
Grief, Crisis, and Disaster
Prayer & Crisis Hotline
(870) 941-1033

Community Outreach

Weekly Visitation
Community Events
Live Streaming, Sunday Services, and
Study Groups
Weekly Podcast Devotionals
Community Bible Study Group

Church Fellowship

Family Events

Monthly Study Groups

Christian Movie Nights

Christian Karaoke Night

Sunday Fellowship Dinner