The New Year is here and want to thank each and every member for your support. As we start 2018 I want to encourage each one you to stay faithful to our Lord Jesus Christ. The best way to do that is to get involved in our churches ministries. I wish to see that each of us become fully committed in our ministries. I have set a bold goal for this New Year, and it is time take a new course of direction. “You may ask how are we going to reach this goal?” It’s simple one baby step at a time! I have added some new ministries to our church, and this is how we will reach our goals:

  • Prayer and Perseverance
  • Evangelism, by the way of Visitation, Soul Winning, Community Bible Studies, and Community Events
  • Live Streaming Sunday Services, and Bible Study Groups
  • Weekly Podcast Devotionals, Bible Q&A, and Hosting a Biblical Talk Show
  •  5X Ministry